SAP World Record EV Parade

Where can you find more electric vehicles than anywhere else on earth? Silicon Valley!

Thanks to our generous sponsor SAP, the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley invites you to be part of a World Record!  In order to break the existing record, we need to have more than 481 Electric Vehicles in a parade of at least 2 miles. If you have an EV you can be part of this! The World Record EV Parade will be in Cupertino, CA on Saturday, September 20th. Plan to arrive between 7 and 8 am.

How to Sign Up

Go to our National Drive Electric Week page for the Cupertino EV Rally and click the Register button.  Fill out the form.

National Drive Electric Week Registration Page

When you are asked if you are bringing a plug in vehicle, select Yes.

National Drive Electric Week Registration Page showing where to sign up for World Record
National Drive Electric Week Registration Page showing where to sign up for World Record

This will display more questions, including the opportunity to sign up to be part of the World Record.  Choose Yes to be added to the World Record list. When form is completely filled out, click Register at bottom.  You can also sign up to Volunteer!

Eligible Vehicles

Your vehicle must be battery electric (BEV) only, no gasoline engines. Sorry, no hybrids.  If it’s eligible for a white HOV sticker and isn’t a natural gas vehicle, it’s eligible. EV Conversions are welcome provided they are freeway capable and legal.  Vehicle must have a valid license plate, to be counted.  Motorcycles and trikes are allowed.

Yes! I want to be part of the EV Parade World Record! Silicon Valley Rules!

Great! Click here to sign up and follow the directions above.
All participants who sign up get a Free T-Shirt and Window Decal celebrating the World Record participant vehicles! Also you will receive a Free Raffle Ticket!