Los Altos Hills Earth Day Event

Members of the Electric Vehicle Association Silicon Valley Chapter will be displaying their EVs and answering questions for the public at the Los Altos Hills Earth Day event, being held this year at the historic Westwind Community Barn. The event will also feature many other activities for adults and children. For details, see the event...


Chapter Meeting with AskaFly

We are having an in-person meeting at the Aska Fly showroom in Los Altos.  Aska Fly is developing a 4 passenger flying car that will be able to travel on city streets and the freeway and also fly up to 250 miles.  This flying car is being developed here in Silicon Valley in cooperation with...


Drought-tolerant Landscape Design

Hot on the heels of our May meeting at Aska, we will be treated to a Zoom presentation on Saturday, June 4 from Shelkie Tao of Water Efficient Gardens.  The topic is landscape design for low-water and drought-tolerant gardens.  While not directly EV related, this presentation is timely for Silicon Valley residents, giving that drought...


No June Meeting

We're not having a meeting in June as such, but please look for us at the Sunnyvale Ride-and-Drive event: https://www.sunnyvale.ca.gov/your-government/city-initiatives/sustainability/sunnyvale-drive-electric


No July Meeting

Enjoy your summer vacation!


Lake Cunningham Park Ride-and-Drive

Breathe California is having their 4th annual EV Ride and Drive EVent Saturday Sept 24 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Lake Cunningham Park in San Jose.  This park is adjacent to Raging Waters near Eastridge Mall and the Reid Hillview airport.  Full details are in the flyer using the link below. Our Electric Vehicle Association Chapter...


V2X: EVs Powering the Energy Transition

In this webinar, the guest speaker(s) will inform us about how EVs (not just cars, but also school buses and commercial vehicles) are being used to power homes, and entire communities tied together via micro-grids. If you can't click on the Zoom registration link, try clicking first on "Find out more>>" Register in advance for...


October Meeting: DCC Electric

One of the obstacles to wider EV adoption is the high cost of upgrading the electric service panel, in the case where no empty breaker slots are available. There is a similar (but magnified) problem in multi-unit dwellings, where there will be a need for multiple EV chargers in the zero-emission future. Join us for...


Monthly Meeting with Arcimoto Presentation

You are invited to attend our EAASV monthly meeting on Saturday November 19th at 1 PM.The interim CEO of Arcimoto will give us a presentation and answer our questions afterward. Here is the Zoom link (you must register in advance): https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0qdOisqTsoHtReXrPDMvr0LZbCXQN2i3c2 Did any of you get a test drive of the Arcimoto FUV (Fun Utility...


Monthly Meeting with TrajectoryEV presentation

We will have our on Zoom this month, and we are happy to offer you a live presentation from Sean McCluskey, founder and Chief Engineer of TrajectoryEV, based in Salinas. Advance registration for this meeting is required. See https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcqdOqtrD4uHtKCIbAnZa-ugM4t5MHGpLie. Please copy and paste the link if clicking does not work for you.