Oct 2013 Jeremy Whaling

Guest Speaker: Jeremy Whaling Jeremy Whaling is a real time scheduler at the California ISO, monitoring electricity imports into California's electrical grid. He will give a presentation with his personal observations about the evolution of the power grid, and how the renewables share is rising rapidly. One of his predictions is that thanks to the growth of solar, we might see noon off-peak rates in the not-too-distant future. In this talk, he is not representing Cal ISO positions on these topics, just his personal views. He has been driving a Nissan Leaf since July of 2012 and is active in the modification scene. He recently installed a second on-board charger to reduce the charging time in half to three hours for a full charge. Please join us as we resume our normal meeting schedule with this look at the electric power grid that keeps our EVs running. We have a few T-shirts remaining from the 2013 EV Rally and these will be available at the meeting for free to existing members or anyone who joins at the meeting, while the supply lasts.
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