Jan 2014 BMW DriveNow

Guest Speaker: Peter Dempster Peter Dempster, who recently joined DriveNow from the BMW Research Center will be speaking about the new BMW i3 BEV with its innovative range-extender option. (very cool) He has promised to bring one or more i3s to the meeting for ride/drives after the talk, these vehicles are still very rare at the moment so it will be great to see one in person! This meeting will be a joint meeting with the SF Bay Leafs. We will be holding elections for EAASV officers for 2014 at this meeting also. Positions open for election:
  1. President (no candidates yet)
  2. Vice President (no candidates yet)
  3. Treasurer (Maddi, continuing unless other candidates)
  4. Webmaster (no candidates, could be partially paid position)
Any EAA member may run for an office in the EAASV chapter. Please contact Tom Sidle if you have interest in running for office. Thank you for your suport.
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