Electric Vehicles Wiki Needs Your Help

electric vehicles wiki Greetings Members and Friends. Back in 2008, when I joined the Electric Auto Association, I was very enthusiastic about EVs.  It was at that time working for Maxim Integrated Products and one of my major tasks was working on the internal engineering Wikipedia service. It was a momentous task and involved at least 50% of my time. As the Wikipedia service was on my mind often, it struck me as an obvious move to do the same for the Electric Auto Association as well. And so in June of 2008, I began work on the Electric Vehicles Wiki which you can find at http://ev.wikia.com You may well be aware of Wikipedia.org and may use it, but do you write for it? Did you know that you could write for it? You can and if you feel that something in Wikipedia.org is incorrect, you should create an account and make changes (especially if the article is about you). If you participate in authoring, you will be scrutinized by the other Wiki Authors, and no less would be the case for the EV Wikia site. However, the EV Wikia has far fewer authors at the moment which would give you greater leeway. Currently there are 65 articles on the EV Wikia site, most of which are only half-completed. But there is a great deal of need for more knowledgeable contributors. Therefore I implore you that you consider authoring, or at the very least updating the information. Many of the articles are out of date. We can help to keep the public informed about electric vehicles and the information surrounding them, through this site. Rather than generating countless individual sets of information across many other websites. You can also find the link on the Menu for the EAASV.org Electric Vehicles Wiki
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