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KickGas the Movie

  KickGas the Movie at EAASV This last weekend the EAASV club members had the pleasure of joining with Terry Hershner and Rachel McCarthy to take a group photo for KickGas the Movie.  McCarthy spoke to the members about her 44 day

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May 2014 Meeting

May 2014 Meeting When: July 21, 2014 10 AM to 12 PM Where:  3000 Hanover St, Palo Alto, CA 94304 Guest Speaker(s): Sven Thesen with his “Amped on Residential Curbside Charging, or How I Learned to Love My City Officials” and “Innovations

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Electric Vehicles Wiki Needs Your Help

Greetings Members and Friends. Back in 2008, when I joined the Electric Auto Association, I was very enthusiastic about EVs.  It was at that time working for Maxim Integrated Products and one of my major tasks was working on the internal

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NetApp Earth Day Fair 2014

  NetApp Earth Day Fair 2014 Many corporations hold Green topic and Earth Day events during the month of April.  NetApp held their event primarily in the back of their lunch room.  There were roughly 12 organizations representing aspects of

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Apr 2014 ELV Motors / BoostedBoards

Guest Speakers: Doug Schwartz of ELV Motors  / Sanjay Dastoor of BoostedBoards ELV Motors Doug Schwartz is the founder and president of both ELV Motors, Inc and VeloMini.  ELV Motors carries the largest selection of electric bikes for consumers, campuses,

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Mar 2014 Alt Car Expo

No meeting Members directed to the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond for the NorCal Alt Car Expo

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Feb 2014 National Meeting

Guest Speaker: Ron Freund, EAA Chairman of the board  The Annual EAA meeting of the national organization will be in February. EAASV and other South Bay chapters will not meet so that members can attend the local national meeting. Note

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Jan 2014 BMW DriveNow

Guest Speaker: Peter Dempster Peter Dempster, who recently joined DriveNow from the BMW Research Center will be speaking about the new BMW i3 BEV with its innovative range-extender option. (very cool) He has promised to bring one or more i3s

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Nov 2013 LIT Motors

Guest Speaker: Ryan James, Chief Marketing Officer, LIT MOTORS.  Ryan will talk about the history of Lit Motors and their efforts to develop enclosed two-wheel, gyro-stabilized electric vehicles. Join us for this interesting dicussion of a new type of transportation.

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Oct 2013 Jeremy Whaling

Guest Speaker: Jeremy Whaling Jeremy Whaling is a real time scheduler at the California ISO, monitoring electricity imports into California’s electrical grid. He will give a presentation with his personal observations about the evolution of the power grid, and how

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