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Feb 2013 National Meeting

Guest Speaker: Ron Freund, EAA Chairman of the board  The Annual EAA meeting of the national organization will be in February. EAASV and other South Bay chapters will not meet so that members can attend the local national meeting. Note

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Jan 2013 HEVT

Guest Speaker: Heidi Lubin, CEO, HEVT.  HEVTs motor technologies leverage smart software with optimally designed hardware to empower the next generation of electric motors. With lower initial and total cost of ownership, their motors make performance leaps with superior reliability and

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Nov 2012 City CarShare

Guest Speaker: Mike Harrigan, City CarShare.  Mike Harrigan is the eFleet Program Manager of City CarShare. City CarShare is a non-profit organization which provides hourly rentals of vehicles in San Francisco and other areas. They have a fleet of gas powered

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Oct 2012 Thorium Energy Alliance

Guest Speaker: Alex Cannara, Thorium Energy Alliance. And now for something completely different. Alex Cannara will talk about MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) and the kind that run on Thorium, LFTRS Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. Forget everything you know about conventional

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Aug 2013 Ken Chiang

Guest Speaker: Ken Chiang, EV Enthusiast Ken spent 3 years converting a 1986 Toyota MR2 to electric, finishing last July. After driving the car for the past year he decided that he wanted to do something to convince people of

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Jul 2012 Via Motors / Local Motion

First Guest Speaker: David West, Chief Marketing Officer, VIA Motors.  The E-REV powertrain by VIA Motors enables larger 4WD vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks, to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a

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Jun 2012 Tony Williams

Guest Speaker: Tony Williams, Leaf owner  Tony Williams lives in San Diego, CA and is driving his 100% electric powered Nissan LEAF from the USA-Mexican border to the USA-Canada border via the partially completed West Coast Electric Highway. He’s promoting the

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Apr 2012 IBM Research Center

Guest Speaker: Dr. Wilcke from IBM Research Center in San Jose. We have a different venue for this meeting and will be meeting at the new CODA Dealership, part of the Del Grande Dealer Group. This will be a joint

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Mar 2012 Capitol Mitsubishi

Guest Speaker: Steve and Sean of Capitol Mitsubishi.  This month there will be a presentation about the new Mitsubishi iMiev from a local dealer, Capitol Mitsubishi. They will bring two vehicles, one of each trim ES and SE, to the

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Feb 2012 Annual Meeting

Guest Speaker: Ron Freund of EAA.  This is a special annual meeting of EAA national organization with telephone link to chapters across the US and in other countries. Ron will review activites and funding of the organization over the past

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