Apr 2014 ELV Motors / BoostedBoards

Guest Speakers: Doug Schwartz of ELV Motors  / Sanjay Dastoor of BoostedBoards ELV Motors Doug Schwartz is the founder and president of both ELV Motors, Inc and VeloMini.  ELV Motors carries the largest selection of electric bikes for consumers, campuses, and fleets in Northern California.  VeloMini is a small folding electric bicycle that offers the best first-mile / last-mile transportation for commuters, and electric car, RV, private plane and boat owners. ELVMotors Boosted Boards Boosted started as a project in 2011 while John Ulmen and Sanjay Dastoor were students at Stanford and Matt Tran was an engineer at Lockheed Martin.  We began working on it full-time in 2012 after receiving a small amount of seed funding and being accepted to StartX and Y Combinator, two start-up incubators in the bay area.  Kickstarter campaign in fall 2012, and been in R&D and production ramp-up ever since.  We just finished shipping Kickstarter boards to all US backers. BoostedBoards_SanjayDastoor.jpg   Electric Vehicle riding after the meeting'
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